Quality Policy

Crown Fit Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd

Quality Policy

Establishing the quality policy:

Top management of Crown Fit-PK established, implemented and maintained a quality policy that:

  1. Is appropriate to the purpose and context of the organization and supports its strategic direction.
  2. Provides a framework for setting quality objectives.
  3. Includes a commitment to satisfy applicable requirements.
  4. Includes a commitment to continual improvement of the quality management system.

The Quality Policy statement of Crown Fit-PK is; 

“At Crown Fit Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd, we are committed to serve high quality standard products by assuring their performance and value with our quality standards. We see quality and product reliability as one of our strengths when meeting our customer’s expectations and ensuring their complete satisfaction. Our goal is to enhance our competitiveness by anticipating and understanding the expectations of our customers.

We test products from development to regular supplies in our well-equipped lab to ensure quality and safety measures. We are focused to customer feedback throughout the country by CRM department and adding value to product through continuous improvement plan. We recognize change may occur as a result of customer needs, ongoing regulatory compliance and to support efficient deliveries.

Our countrywide fastest warranty back up attracts greatest number of customers’ trust on our products. We build customer confidence in replacing imported products with high quality in house products. We continuously improve quality by conducting perpetual assessments of products.

We are catering customer quality expectation nationwide as well as meet the needs of our export customers.

Our employees are one of our most important stakeholders. Ensuring their welfare, safety and job satisfaction is an integral part of the Crown Fit-PK culture. Together, our common goal is to provide high-grade products by promoting a culture of quality, reliability and developing technical skills and knowledge through training.

Management is committed to continually improve and support the development of product standards as well as compliance with quality management systems in line with the company’s objectives and targets which are established on regular basis. The policy and objectives are compatible with the context and strategic direction of the organization.”

Communication of the quality policy:

This quality policy is:

  1. Maintained as documented information;
  2. Communicated, understood and applied within the organization;
  3. Available to relevant interested parties, as appropriate.


Organizational Roles, Responsibility and Authorities:

Top management of Crown Fit-PK has ensured that the responsibilities and authorities for relevant roles are assigned, communicated and understood within the organization. Top management of Crown Fit-PK assigned the responsibility and authority for executing the below tasks:

  • Ensuring that the quality management system conforms to the requirements of ISO 9001 Standard.
  • Ensuring that the processes are delivering their intended outputs.
  • Reporting on the performance of the quality management system and on opportunities for improvement.
  • Ensuring the promotion of customer focus throughout Crown Fit-PK.
  • Ensuring that the integrity of the quality management system is maintained when changes to the quality management system are planned and implemented.